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Beauty Habits to Start in 2018

Beauty Habits to Start In 2018

I would have to say that last year was an up and down for me when it comes to anything beauty, hair, makeup, clothes and shoes. I had my good days and definitely bad ones. However, it was a year of growth and prosperity. I learned that nothing happens overnight, and sometimes it takes trial and error to know what works best for you. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding what you can do differently to get the results you want. I realized that if I would’ve started doing…

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Simple Everyday Makeup Routine
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Simple 10 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

After many months (possibly years to be honest with you) I have mastered my simple, everyday makeup routine. This came with a lot of trial and error with different products but I have finally nailed it down and I could not be happier. Now, we all know that I am not a makeup artist or major beauty influencer but I sure do love makeup! Like many other millennials, I have found myself sitting in front of my laptop, watching so many YouTube tutorials from black beauty bloggers that I had…

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skincare secret weapon
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My Skincare Secret Weapon

  If you’ve struggled with bad skin and acne, you know what it can do to your self-esteem. It can make you feel less beautiful, although you aren’t. You may even always feel that someone is staring at your face. I’ve recently started struggling with my skin after a series of bad hormonal breakouts. The blemishes they left make me pack on makeup daily and hope to hide them. Our contributor, Nichole, had this same struggle. Her skin had active acne, irritation and redness. She struggled with this from middle…

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