Fearlessly SHE Summit
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Fearlessly SHE Summit is Back

The Fearlessly SHE Summit by The Strength of SHE is back and even better. This is an event that you don’t want to miss. If you attended last year, you will remember the sisterhood and connecting with many black women from around the midwest. You’ll also remember learning key tools to enhance your life and shopping various businesses that are owned by women and women of color. This year will be so much more! We’ve lined up a speaker roster that everyone can steal a few gems from and immediately…

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Join The Fearlessly SHE Movement

As women, it can be pretty easy to get caught up in comparisons. We often define ourselves and our beauty based on the appearance and beauty of others we see. We, as women of color, are sick of people attempting to standardize what beauty is. We are tired of beauty being one size fits. Beauty does not come in a package with one ingredient. It is an immersion and blend of not only what’s on the outside, but what’s also on the inside. We won’t stand for women continuing to…

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My Love is LIT Event Recap

On Friday, February 3, we hosted “My Love is LIT”, which was a painting session at Mimosa and a Masterpiece and a self-love workshop. We were so excited to host this event, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. It can be difficult for our sisterfriends to remember who they should love first, themselves. We gave them a resource, “30 Ways to Love Yourself Daily” and had them write down words that are reasons why they love themselves. We incorporated those words into our paintings. It was so nice to connect…

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Women's Empowerment Event Indianapolis
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The 25 Project Launch: Women’s Empowerment Event Indianapolis

The 25 Project is an event series by The Strength of She, LLC that focuses on empowering and improving the lives of women in their 20s, particularly those who are 25 years old. When women turn 25, a plethora of emotions can arise and most of them can be attributed to the feelings that they aren’t where they thought they would be or doing what they thought they’d be doing with who they’d be doing it with. This is pretty common, and quarter-life crisis is becoming more common every day!…

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