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Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List: 15 Must-Dos for the Fall

Every year, I think of all these things I want to do during Fall. I love Fall not only because my birthday is in September, but because Fall is a feeling. It makes people feel warm, happy and cozy inside. When the season changes, people typically feel one or two ways. Excited and ready to be boo’d up and for others seasonal depression is real thing. So I’m hoping this Fall Favorite Must Dos list will provide ways for those who may struggle with changes in the season to get…

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Why I Love Fall

Fall is the BEST time of the year. Yes, I am biased for a few reasons. The Weather  I love fall because I think it is the best weather. I can dress warm or cool. I can wear jeans and a short sleeved shirt with boots, or sandals. Then I can wear a hoodie with jeans and sneakers. My favorite item of clothing that I love wearing in the fall are SWEATS! I just love being comfortable. I always have. Let’s not even get on the endless ways to wear…

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