When I decided to stop relaxing my hair in June 2011, loc’ing my hair was not my first style stop. My main mission was to look like the rest of the famous naturalistas and have a massive, obnoxious, curly afro. Three years went by, full of trial and error with my hair. I experimented with all types of products, styles and even hair colors. I was not into hair typing, but I never mastered how to “define my curls”. And do not even get me started on that devil we all know too well called shrinkage! I always wanted to loc my hair, but I was honestly afraid of how they would fit the frame of my round face. However, the frustration of failed twist outs and unconquerable wash-and-gos outweighed the fear of “will I still be cute?”

I have always seen myself as a free spirit and nothing seemed more freeing to me than locs. No two locs are the same. I knew that my hair would (and has) grown a lot longer and faster loc’d. I knew I could still experiment with color and styles if I loc’d it. I just thought they were completely beautiful and on May 30, 2014 the loc journey began! 

How I started

My loctitian started the process with two strand twists based on how thick I wanted my locs to be. I set appointments every two weeks for several months with very little home maintenance on my part in between appointments. 

As I was contemplating how I was going to style my hair for Aisha’s wedding and what I was going to do during the awkward budding/loc’ing phase, my loctitian recommended loc extensions. Marley braid hair added length to my starter locs so I could style them. I was still able to wash and retwist the loc extensions. There came a point in time where I was beginning to miss rocking my own hair and after six long months of extensions, I took them out! I felt as if I was robbing myself of the process.

Present Day

My current loc regimen consists of appointments with my loctitian once a month, where she washes, deep conditions and styles my mane. In between appointments, I deep condition my hair since I couldn’t stay away from color! I have styled my hair with pipe cleaners, braid-and-twist updos, perm rods and flexi rods. My hair has grown more in the past year than it has in my entire life. It is also healthier than it has ever been!

I am completely in love with my luscious locs. I love myself more than I ever did before. My locs are teaching me patience and are cultivating my creativity. They are a symbol of my personal and spiritual growth. I am so happy I stuck with them even at time when I thought they wouldn’t form!  I am looking forward to being loc’d for life!