Let’s begin by saying detangling your hair is one of the most important parts of being natural. At least for my type 4 hair it is! Yes, I know it is a very tedious thing to do and most may not see the importance of it. I have very thick hair and I used to hate washing my hair because it would be all over the place, tangled and let’s just say a hot mess! So, I remember when I started transitioning I would complain to a great friend of my mine who was natural, and she asked me a few important questions, “Do you detangle your hair before washing? Do you wash your hair in sections?”  Of course my answer was, “No!” When I began splitting my hair in sections and detangling it, I definitely saw tremendous changes. One, my hair was a lot easier to wash, but I was also retaining length overtime. Isn’t that every naturalista’s wish?!

Mane ‘N Tail Detangler

Mane 'N Tail PictureMy life got even better when I started to use the best detangling spray, in my opinion. I’ve been using Mane ‘N Tail Detangler for about a year now. I just absolutely love it! It provides a lot of slip, which reduces shedding and leaves hair conditioned during the detangling process. After a week of wearing a hairstyle my hair can be very tangled and I always like to use my fingers to untangle hair before brushing. So using Mane N’ Tail makes it easier for me to use my fingers first before brushing. It can take me 20-30 minutes to properly detangle my hair and I believe having this product in my hair regimen reduces the time I spend tremendously. You can purchase a 12 oz. bottle at your local beauty store and make it yours for $4-$5! Very inexpensive, especially for naturalista’s in college.