Would you believe me if I told you that I style my hair more now that it is loc’d than I did when I was a free natural? I had no idea how to manage my natural hair before locs because I am convinced my texture does not fit into any of the categories. My hair texture looks coarse, feels super soft and comes with a lot of frizz. This was one of the reasons why I decided to loc my hair because I knew that I would be able to achieve more style versatility with it.

Now this is exact opposite of one of the huge misconceptions with locs. People assume you cannot style your hair the same and that is not true. If you can be as creative and think outside of the box, you can style your hair in every way that you can imagine. My creativity combined with my loctician’s expertise has allowed for some of the dopest hairstyles I have ever worn. Here are some of my favorite ways that I wear my luscious locs!


my favorite loc styles3Updos have been my ultimate favorite hairstyles for the past 2 1/2 years. The irony of this is that I never really wore updos before now. Much of my inspiration comes from Pinterest or the Google images page. Pre-locs, I would search and save photos of what I wanted my locs to look like and how I wanted to style them. It was a glorious day when I finally reached the length I needed to achieve these hairstyles. The best part is, there are so many variations of how I wear my locs up.

The possibilities of updo-style coordination are practically endless! My updos start with a fresh, wet retwist after my hair is shampooed and conditioned. I sit under the dryer, which feels like for an eternity (the dryer heat is on hell and the time spent under it never ends). Then bobby pins and rubber bands are used to usually hold a lot of the styles up. I always arrive to my monthly appointments with some type of style inspiration and Brandi, my loctician, puts her spin on it!


my favorite loc styles4I cannot get enough of wearing my hair in various forms of curls. It is a nice alternative when I am wanting to wear my hair in an extremely low-maintenance style and adds lots of volume. So far, I have used flexi-rods and pipe cleaners to curl my hair. Yes, you read that right! No matter which set I use to form my curls, I always set them on wet hair because the curls are tighter and defined once they dry.

I use a combination of the yellow and orange flexi-rods. These curls are looser than the pipe cleaner curls, but they are very easy to do at home and have not been hard for me to sleep on. With that being said, these curls usually fall faster and I have to re-curl them weekly.

Now just for clarification, pipe cleaners are the very ones you can find in any craft store. I have seen them be used for every arts and craft project except for actual pipe cleaning. I have my loctitian set my pipe cleaner curls for better precision. I let them dry under the treacherous dryer and I leave the salon with the pipe cleaners in. The longer I keep them in, the tighter the curl. I love pipe cleaner curls because they resemble spiral curls and can last for weeks or until I decide to wash my hair again.


my favorite loc styles6I frequently put my locs into a Mohawk when my curls are really loose and losing their bounce. Recently, I have attempted a Mohawk with fresh pipe cleaner curls and with loc petals. I fell in love with both styles because they were so unique and I cannot wait to get more into Mohawks and loc petals for sure!

A simple consideration with loc’d hair and various dope styles include being mindful of tension. I make sure that my hair is not too tight that it hurts my head (even though I am not tender-headed). I also make sure my hair isn’t pulled tightly from the scalp because tension increases chances of loc thinning and every black girl’s worst nightmare is losing her edges. Shoutout to my loctician, Brandi, because she does a great job of making sure my retwist is fresh, but not too thin.

I also have learned to switch it up sometimes. I LOVE wearing my hair up, but I also will wear it loosely down with no manipulation for weeks just to make sure I am not contributing to tension alopecia. My next hair goals include getting into fancier bun styles, more intricate updos, and attempting Bantu and Loc knots. I am hoping all of my locs are pass my shoulders by summer 2017.

What styles would you like to see me wear? Please let us know!