Detangling natural hair can be SUCH a challenge. I won’t lie. I do not like washing my hair, simply because I dread the detangling process. My hair is really thick and I am certain that I have a mixture of 4B and 4C hair type. I love my natural hair and have been growing it for 2 ½ years. My “Naturalversary” will be in May and it will be 3 years for me! Even though I dread it, I wanted to share 3 quick detangling tips for your natural hair that may make the process easier for you.

3 Tips for Detangling Natural Hair (1)

1. Wet and Condition Your Hair

I have to ensure my thick hair is very wet before starting this process. You want to make sure that your hair is moisturized appropriately before detangling your hair. It will make your life so much easier. Wet your hair thoroughly and make sure you apply a very generous amount of conditioner so that it provides slip to the hair. There are some detangler products and conditioners with detangler as well.  This makes it easier for a wide-toothed comb or brush to glide through the hair. I like my wide-toothed comb for detangling because I am tender headed *rolls eyes*. Just make sure you are gentle with your hair because wet hair can break easily.

2. Detangle in Sections

Again, because my hair is so thick, I like to detangle my hair in sections. I separate mine into 6 sections, but you can make even smaller sections if needed. Being able to focus on one section at a time is less stressful than trying to attack your hair all at once. This also ensures that you are getting all parts of your hair. I use plastic hair clamps to help secure my hair, but you can also use duck bill clips, whatever you prefer. Braiding or twisting up the section when you are finished with it helps prevent the hair from tangling up again.

3. Finger Detangling

I just became hip with finger detangling this past summer. This seriously does wonders for my hair and prevents a lot of shedding vs. strictly using a comb or brush. Finger detangling is basically using your fingers like a comb and separating the strands of hair. It helps you find major knots and tangles. For the first section you would want to gently pull the hairs apart with your fingers, separating any tangles. Then you would comb your hair with your fingers. SUPER EASY. I like to do the finger detangling method first and then use my wide-toothed comb to finish the job. I do not solely rely on just finger detangling, personally. I need more with this thick hair of mine. LOL

How do you detangle your hair? What products or methods have your tried that has helped your natural hair?