Leslie Jones is the star of the new Ghostbusters’ film, something that has been wildly celebrated as another black actress and role model fulfilling her dreams. But in the midst of this celebration, there has been a major cloud lingering around Leslie as the hate and bigotry of our country takes over once again.

First Leslie was faced with an uncommon issue of not having a dress to wear to her own premiere. Not because she couldn’t find one she liked, but because no designer would make one for her. She took it to Twitter and was able to get designer Christian Siriano to work with her.

You would think the drama would end there and she’d be able to enjoy this awesome time and accomplishment of her life, but now it just took a turn for the worse. Last night she posted this tweet:

Why is she upset? Many, random people began trolling Leslie on Twitter with hurtful tweets and memes about her role in the new movie, that turned into personal attacks. The tweets are racist, misogynist and negative and caused her to reach her breaking point from being flooded with these messages.

Leslie began retweeting and replying to these hurtful messages, which let her fans and many others see what she was going through. Now many are flooding her with love today using #LoveForLeslieJ. Here’s what we tweeted:

You should definitely retweet ours and tweet your own to show Leslie some love and drown out this hate!