So Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Are you in a new relationship or have a new boo, but unsure of what to get them? Well do not worry because this article is for you! I have created 10 gift and date ideas if you are having difficulty deciding on how to celebrate this holiday dedicated to love and romance. We love your responses, so please let us know if you use any of our ideas and make sure you attach a photo of your gift or you and bae celebrating the holiday!

When you begin a new relationship in close proximity to Valentine’s Day, it can be a challenge deciding on how to celebrate it, if you should celebrate it and what to get your significant other. The best advice I can give any couple is to discuss it first and then DO YOUR OWN THING! If you want to go all out, then do that! If you want to keep it simple, do that as well. Do not get caught up in other people’s plans or what other couples are doing. Make this experience just for the two of you. Here are just a few ideas of gifts and dates for you and your boo!

A Valentine’s Day card

You cannot go wrong with a nice Hallmark card expressing how you feel about your significant other. They are inexpensive, simple and great if your new boo enjoys words of affirmation. You could even get creative and make your own card.

Gift card to a favorite place

This one is self-explanatory. A gift card shows that you pay attention to your love’s favorite things.

Date in a Crate

I saw this idea on Pinterest. You can use a basket, crate or box and fill it with items you think would be perfect for a date! You can get a bottle of wine, a snack, some candles etc. Or you can make it movie-night themed and include movie snacks, popcorn (of course) and a romantic-comedy. Other themes include: a picnic date, game night, spa night, sport night or even fondue for two. Get creative!

Favorite movie, book or candy

Speaking of baskets, gather all of your boo’s favorite items and put them together for a nice “all about you” gift.


Carry on!

Make a home cooked meal for dinner

Now if you struggle with boiling water, this idea is not for you! This is a great date idea if you want a more intimate setting with your babe and everyone loves a home-cooked meal!

Tickets to a concert, sporting event or play

In the beginning of a relationship (really at any stage) actively going on dates is so essential. With this idea, you get to enjoy each other’s company and create new memories together.

Nice piece of lingerie

This is for my grown and sexy folk! And only if you are at this stage in your relationship !

Wine and Canvas

Whether it is Wine and Canvas, Paint with a Twist, or Mimosas and Masterpiece (black-owned here in Indianapolis), or any variation of this type of event, it is another way to make a new memory with bae, while you sip on some bubbly. You do not have to be artistically inclined to enjoy this date.

In Home Spa Day/Night

If you enjoy creating your own scrubs, masks and facials, this idea is for you. Come up with a list of your top ingredients as a couple, create your product and end the spa time with a nice, relaxing massage!

If you are a crafty, DIY-er like myself, Pinterest is the place for you. Just put “vday gift ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend” or some variation of this, and a plethora of ideas will be at your disposal.

Hope this list helps and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!