ray ball from a few hungry girls

Ray Ball is the creator of A Few Hungry Girls blog. She promotes health and wellness, with a fun personality! She loves to share easy ways for people to achieve healthier food options in their kitchens. We were inspired by her health journey and how she also has great hair! Read more about Ray and why she’s our crush this week.

ray ball from a few hungry girls

Who is Ray Ball?

Ray Ball is quirky, silly, intelligent, creative and loving, with a hint of I don’t stand for B.S.!

How did A Few Hungry Girls come about?

A Few Hungry Girls (AFHG) started primarily as a food blog that reviewed restaurants when I first moved to Nashville. Seeing how I couldn’t eat out as much as, I wanted to be able to “keep up” I began creating my own transitional recipes. These are recipes that slowly integrate healthier foods into your diet and help you create a lifestyle change, not just dieting.

This grew to include easy to read info blog posts on healthier foods and drinks! Then I took a break, nearly 3-4 months, I was worn out. At the start of this year, I decided I wanted to be more real and transparent with my readers. Life isn’t unicorns and bubble gum, life is tough! I went through some pretty hard times and I felt so alone. I never wanted anyone to ever feel that way so I’ve opened myself up to telling my truth and hopefully it helps at least one person going through the same thing! So now AFHG is more so a lifestyle blog than just food.

What has contributed to your success thus far?

Going through pain and disappointment. I realized that I don’t want to feel that way. So when things don’t work out it’s extremely important for me to look at the brighter side and make the conscious decision to be happy. I honestly don’t feel that successful YET! But learning that things will work out how they are supposed to and what’s for me is for me has really helped me stay positive when I felt down.

Ray Ball2

How do you maintain good health and wellness?

About 1 year ago I lost about 30 pounds, but I wasn’t happy. I stressed out over every little thing and realized I couldn’t live my life like that. I’ve been focusing on my emotional health, which has directly impacted my physical health! The biggest thing is to enjoy everything in moderation.

I LOVE pizza, but I’m not eating it every day, nor am I eating the whole pizza. I love cupcakes and donuts, but it’s not something I can enjoy on a weekly basis. I truly believe you should eat cake and be happy. Although I love lifting weights, it can get really boring, so one thing I do is try out new classes. Even if it’s just the free first class it gives me something to do, it’s still fun and I get to burn some calories while still de-stressing!

Favorite reads right now?

There are a few blogs that I just love: Chicks N Kicks and Just Being Britt!

What are your favorite products for hair and body right now?

Hair: I LOVE Redken’s Curvaceous leave in conditioner and I just discovered Monoi Oil (Tahitian Coconut oil) and I’ll never go back. My fave styling product is Eco-Styler in the Argan Oil flavor! Since it’s pretty cold in Cincinnati, I have to keep this melanin moisturized so I’ve been using Shea Moistures Argan Oil & Shea Butter lotion. It’s so thick and creamy-I just love it!

How do you feel that you empower other women and why is empowering other women so important?

I’ve found that there are so many strong and independent women that are fighting huge interpersonal battles. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I want to empower women by letting them know even when it’s tough, we’re women. We’re naturally built for this. You just have to decide your course and tell the self-doubt to “Cash Me Outside”! Think about it… women create life. It’s up to us to empower each other every day because the world will try to tear us down. Let’s build each other up and remember “There’s always A Few of Us!”

Ray Ball3

Finish these Sentences:

I feel loved when: People tell me thank you for being so open and honest. That really makes me feel like what I’m doing is creating some good in the world even if only one person is affected by it.

I feel beautiful when: I’m fresh-faced, hair in a bun, baby hairs poppin’ and just chilling with a tee, leggings and fly sneakers on. This is when I’m most comfortable.

I feel confident when: I’m standing in front of non-believers and make them believers. I’m not your typical biz owner, I have big crazy hair, a nose ring, and I wear sneakers nearly every day. Sometimes my appearance leads people to think, “I ain’t got it”, they leave realizing I got it plus a little extra!

For more on Ray Ball visit afewhungrygirls.com. You can also follow Ray on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Tweet her some love below and look forward to our next WCW!

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