For almost two weeks now, you’ve heard us talk about Periscope and some of you asked, “What is it?” Well it’s a pretty dope app that you should definitely download to your phone or tablet! Okay, that doesn’t help, but trust me, you’ll agree once we are done. Periscope is a live streaming video mobile app that was launched through Twitter earlier this year. It was a very smart investment for Twitter with the app breaking many social media records including its own. Facebook and Twitter took months to reach one million users, but Periscope? How about seven day! As you can see, it’s definitely the place to be.

Why Is This Valuable?

There hasn’t been a day that I have not learned or met someone new who is contributing to my perception about life on Periscope. If you’re like us, you love motivation, being inspired and gaining new knowledge from others. We follow some pretty amazing people including @TiphaniMontgomery, @IvanLandJr, @BLMGirls, @Gaynete and @ebongeka. We literally get life from them on a daily basis and they have a plethora of knowledge to provide, especially for entrepreneurs.

In addition these amazing individuals, you can follow us of course @strengthofshe! We went live for the first time last Monday and spent the week preparing you all for a month without fast food with our No Fast Food Challenge! If you haven’t been following us, here’s what you missed:

  • The Purpose of the Fast Food Challenge
  • Increasing your wealth and health
  • Personal testimonials of changing your diet and lifestyle can change your life
  •  How what you eat affect your skin
  •  How eating healthy can prepare your for pregnancy and impact your baby
  • Live cooking sessions
  •  A four part series on meal prepping like a pro

We know, you missed out! But there is more yet to come!

How Do I Interact?

First things first, find us @strengthofshe and click follow! If you love our blogs, you’ll love our scopes. In addition to that, the best thing is that you can chat with us live! We love answering your questions or when we are able to relate and learn from one another. To show a scoper love for their purpose, appreciation for the knowledge and/or just acknowledge that you relate, all you have to do is double heart your screen! Scopers, including us, love to see a rainbow of hearts flowing throughout our videos because it shows us that we are providing you with some valuable information and insight you didn’t have before tuning into our scope. Don’t worry, you only get kicked out of a live broadcast after 5,000 hearts and can register 500 hearts at a time. So once you have reached 500 hearts, just exit the broadcast and return. If you really love the information being shared or don’t want your friends to miss out on it, just swipe up if you have an android or swipe to the right if you have an iPhone to “share the broadcast” with your Twitter and Periscope followers.

Overall Rating of Periscope

We can’t tell you how much we LOVE it! I literally could spend hours on it because you aren’t being bugged by people, brands and information that doesn’t interest you. You follow who you love and tune in when they are live and actually build a relationship with these people. How cool is that?! So we’ll see you there right? Go download the app and follow us at @strengthofshe.