As black women, we have many roles that we play, but one of the most rewarding and important titles we hold is—mom. As mothers of color, we are responsible for instilling culture, morals, identity and pride in our children for them to conquer the world with great confidence. While embedding this confidence in our seeds, we are also responsible for warning them of how the world may view and label them, but ensure that being themselves is good enough. Mothers of colors—we salute and celebrate you! Here’s what some of our blogger friends had to say about what it means to them to be a mother of color!

Mother of ColorShanicia Boswell |

“Being a Mother of Color to me means showing my daughter that she can be anything she wants to be as a Woman of Color. It means showing her that she is beautiful, loved, strong and that her voice matters in a world that will constantly try to tell her something different.” – Shanicia Boswell

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Toni HollowayToni Williams |

“I’m proud to learn and grown through life’s triumphs and challenges with my children. I’m glad they’ve been able to see first-hand that life is not about what we think we should have, but more so about God’s plan for us. When times are happy, we pray. When times get tough, we pray. When we mess up, we pray. Even in 2016, when we’re afraid about the current political and economic state of our country, we pray. Being a mother of color today means I consistently pray with and for my children.” – Toni Williams

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Mother of Color
“In 2016, being a mother of color means that despite the face of our country being a Black man, one day you will have to sit down and explain to your child why they can’t play with toy guns in public or how to respond if they’re ever stopped by law enforcement. It means that you will be encouraged to break their carefree spirits and teach them their “place” in order to keep them alive. It’s knowing that no matter how hard you work to provide them with opportunities, their accomplishments will likely be second guessed and they will feel the need to work twice as hard. Being a mother of color means making sure you’re ready for the revolution every single day, because you never know when it’ll be your turn to fight.” – Danielle S.
Mother of Color Tiffani Greenaway |
“Being a mother of color today means that although my two sons can look at their President as an example of how far they can go, the police, some teachers and others still don’t see their full potential. It means that while I can see their promise, someone else may want to cut it down. And it means I, and their father, will have to instill certain values in them to help them truly understand what it means to be a black man in America.” – Tiffani Greenaway
Mother of Color
Brittni O. | @thestrengthofshe |
“I enjoy being a black mother to a black son. Caci is my first child and I am learning a lot with him. While being black, we face a lot of challenges no matter what gender. Sometimes I do fear when my son gets older & think about how he might be stereotyped. There are so many stories that we hear about when it comes to black males & law enforcement and it scares me. All I can do is try to protect my son as best as I can, teach him about everything around him and make sure he understands it. Overall, being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world and I would not change it for anything.” – Brittni O.
Mother of Color
Danielle Faust | @thedanifaust | |
“Being a mother of color today means being more than a mother. It means being an advocate, an activist, and an agent for empowerment and change. It means being a leader, an educator, and a loud strong clear voice. All of this, while being the same nurturing, loving, doting, caring, kind, supportive mother that other mothers are. We have to have different, harder, longer conversations with our children and take precautions that other mothers don’t. We have to encourage and equip them in a different way. Being a mother of color is an extra special job, and I am so grateful that I’m blessed to take it on.” – Danielle Faust
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