Fall time is here! You know what that means? Pretty colors are near and the pretty leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, well in Indiana it is LOL. This is the time of the year where my natural sistas start to look for a new color to dye their hair for this wonderful season. What should you know about coloring your natural hair?

I have been natural for almost three and a half years and I have colored my hair since about my six month mark. There are usually so many questions about dying natural hair and if it is safe to do. Should I color my hair is a big one, which is completely up to you, but I say why not? I love how natural hair looks colored. In my opinion, it makes it pop even more.

However, questions about damage and other hair changes are are dependent on the person and if you take good care of your hair with a regimen. What I mean by that is routinely washing your hair, utilizing deep conditioners and showing that beautiful mane some TLC. You absolutely have to take care of your hair and keep it moisturized when you have color in it.

What You Should Know About Coloring Natural Hair

Will coloring my natural hair damage it?

Yes it can, IF you do not take care of it or use bleach. Bleach is a NO NO. My color specialist have never used bleach on my hair, she lifts my hair color by getting the desired color that I want. I currently have burgundy and blonde streaks throughout.

Will the color change my curl pattern?

That is definitely a possibility. I have seen this happen to other naturalistas who have colored their hair. It did happen to me the second time I colored my hair but it did not damage it. My curl pattern was a little looser but I was somewhat happy because my curls were really tight and coily. It’s not like that anymore.

What color should I dye my hair?

That is absolutely up to you. There are so many colors that you can dye your hair and it does not have to be one color. No ma’am. You can mix and match HUNTY!!! I personally like having multiple colors in my hair, not just one solid color. Have fun with it. There are endless possibilities.

What are your thoughts on coloring natural hair? Have you done it? Did it damage your hair? How did you feel about it?