The biggest obsession lately is getting fit and the way to do it. Some rely heavily on cardio, while others put their money on weightlifting, but which one is right?

As a long-time fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I can tell you I’ve done almost every type of workout fad imaginable and have come up with the perfect solution: do what you like!

The journey is all about you, the inside and outside, and only you can judge what you’re body is attracted to. Balance is key in ensuring that you are creating a challenge for the muscular, skeletal and nervous system.

Cardio or Weights


I think that most experts would agree that your heart is the most important muscle in your body, as it is your life source. Cardiorespiratory training has many benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing the production of endorphins, weight loss and most importantly a stronger heart. There are many ways to get in a good amount of cardio such as running, walking, swimming, Zumba and my personal favorite, Cycling!

Cardio or Weights


Who doesn’t want to be lean and grow a bigger booty? Weightlifting is the answer when you are trying to shape your body. Hypertrophy training is something that I love to do. I used to have a spongebob square booty and now I have curves I love all because I mastered the science of hypertrophy training. Supersets and circuit training are a great for building muscle and leaning out, it’s all about the skeletal muscles at this point. Weightlifting will also burn more calories, reduce the risk of injury, burn more body fat and improve posture which will reduce back pain!

So, you still can’t decide?

Have fun with it then! Mix up your weekly workout schedule to include both weightlifting and cardio so you can figure which on you like and what your body responds best to!

In health and pineapples – Jess