We’ve all been there–sad and single. Now single life does not automatically equal sadness. You can have a very fun and happy dating life. However, what turns our excitement into sadness is the uncertainty and confusion of our singleness. You may not understand why you haven’t found someone who is worth your time or why the last catch didn’t work out. While I’m definitely pro-woman and believe we are all a good catch in our own right–there’s a few things we have to honest about. Entitlement is one of those things.

No one wants to admit that they have an entitled streak in them. They may not even notice. While we all may get it every now and again, some may not realize just how much it comes into play in their life–and relationships. Entitlement can really get in the way of relationships and honestly scare off potential partners. Here’s why entitlement is ruining your dating life.

Why Entitlement is Ruining Your Dating Life

Your Daddy Issues Have Nothing to Do With Your Man

This is a true statement. You may not like it but it is. When we have daddy issues as women, we almost automatically bring that into our relationship. Why? Because we think it’s a justification for us to act a certain way or request certain things from our partner. Your man is not your father. He didn’t leaving you hanging for years, treat you bad, make a promise and didn’t keep it. Even if he did, charge him with his offense only. Don’t charge him with your father’s offenses as well. He will be behind before he even gets started.

No One Owes You Anything But Respect

In addition to not charging your man with your father’s shortcomings, it can also be easy to get into this “he better do xyz” or “the least he can do is xyz” attitude. Why does he owe you anything? Yes, when courting or dating, you expect a few things–communication and quality time but I come across so many women who say things like “the least he could do is pay a bill”, “the least he can do is buy me this purse” or “the least he could do is take me to this expensive dinner”. It’s almost always financial. Why do we demand these things? What if he did the same to you? Would we feel some type of way or feel as if we are being used? This is something to think about.

You Anxiously Await The Girlfriend Title

At times, when we haven’t been in relationships in a while, we can’t wait to be in one. We do everything in our power to prove that we would be the perfect girlfriend–even if it’s not to the right person. We go above and beyond, and apply as much pressure as possible. Having “the talk” whenever we can about “ideal timing for making things official” and “if he can see himself with you”. He owes you nothing and you owe him nothing. Just because you’re dating or go on one date, doesn’t mean that you should, are or will be together. After a date or two, you begin to expect him to call and text you daily. When you don’t hear from him for a day or two, you flip out. Then you’re flabbergasted when he doesn’t commit.

It can be difficult to admit the entitlement in you or even the over-the-top expectations but the sooner you do, the better your relationships will be. Even if the relationship doesn’t end with you walking down the aisle, at least you can enjoy the time spent. Is this something you can admit that you struggle with?