Fall is the BEST time of the year. Yes, I am biased for a few reasons.

The Weather 


I love fall because I think it is the best weather. I can dress warm or cool. I can wear jeans and a short sleeved shirt with boots, or sandals. Then I can wear a hoodie with jeans and sneakers. My favorite item of clothing that I love wearing in the fall are SWEATS! I just love being comfortable. I always have. Let’s not even get on the endless ways to wear scarves this time of year! I just love it. I have so many scarves and I still need more. I feel that this season brings out the best in me.

I do not like summer really because I don’t like being hot and I HATE sweating (I sweat very easily). I like being able to wear layers. If it starts out cold in the morning, I can wear a hoodie then if it gets a little warmer, I can take that off and I have a shirt on underneath. It is just wonderful to me. Fashion in the fall is amazing to see and watch. I always get ideas from other people just in public walking past people and even when I am shopping for clothes online of course. There are ENDLESS possibilities with fashion in the fall.

Family Time and Birthdays


Another reason that I love fall is because of my birthday, which is November 27. Every few years my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and I love it. Thanksgiving is the next reason that I love fall. All of that cooking and good eating. I need Thanksgiving to hurry it on up! My husband’s birthday is in the fall as well, September 26.

We usually do something really nice for his birthday, because the weather is transitioning from summer to fall and is usually REALLY nice around that time. Two years ago we went to Cincinnati for his birthday and it was the best time! It was our first time going to the city and also going to Pappadeaux’s. If y’all have never been to Pappadeaux’s and you love seafood, you better make your way. I hate that we do not have one in Indianapolis. They need to build one here ASAP.

Protective Styles 

I also love fall because this is the time that I usually start getting protective styles for my natural hair. I will be getting some Senegalese twists next month, just wait on it! I have been waiting patiently to get a protective style. I need a break from this hair of mine. Ever since I had my son in March, I have been dealing with some difficulties with my hair. Things that I did not think would happen and I was just not prepared. I would have had a protective style sooner than this, but I had to wait for my hair to get better before adding any weave to it. It is getting better now and I cannot wait to get my twists.

What are reasons that you love the fall?