Aisha Herring, The Strength of She Founder

So things got real. No, seriously, they did. As you may have come to realize, I’m busy. I always have been. I thought that I had it down pack and I knew how to truly balance my life, fun and work, but somewhere along the way, something got off track. My schedule became uncoordinated. My life went from being double booked to being triple booked—which is humanly impossible btw. I was no longer meal prepping every Sunday. My healthy eating turned into two days healthy and five days of missed meals and drive-thrus. (I know, shameful!) I was barely sleeping, averaging about 20 hours of sleep during the work week. I was barely seeing my husband due to our work schedules. Oh, and I was beginning to hate my job. Yes, as I said, things got real.

At work, I felt undervalued, underpaid and blindsided by different decisions that were taking place and directly impacting me. Me—who’d dedicated the past year to helping the department stay afloat after my manager quit. Me—who worked overtime so much—I forgot my regular hours. Me—who had so many responsibilities, I literally didn’t know what my “official” responsibilities were anymore. However—this work didn’t translate into an automatic promotion with a pay increase. This work translated into a promotion of confusion. I’ll spare you of all the dirty details, however, I will say that I was really in my feelings during this time. I started to ask myself, “what am I doing and why am I doing it?”

God told me to move on from that job months prior, but the thirty people delivering this same affirmation from God didn’t convince me enough to leave. I was scared. What if I leave and go somewhere that is worse? What if I’m not good enough? What if I fail? The “what ifs” were endless, but I put on my big girl pants and after an aggressive search for a new job, I nailed an interview and offer just a week after applying for the position. It was EVERYTHING—okay! It was more money, more vacation, four-day work week, casual dress, genius staff and less work. The role wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I was looking for an opportunity to learn from experts in the industry and see what else was out there.

So I was getting exactly what I asked for, a learning experience. However, I was learning more than industry stuff. I learned that being busy wasn’t fun and not a life I wanted anymore. I learned that God did tell me to quit my old job, but not find a new one. After just six weeks, I decided to leave and follow my passion. Check it out in the video below!