Everyone gets into relationships hoping it will be their happy ever after. That is the reality for some people but for others it is just a fairytale. If anyone ever told you they never experienced hardships it would be a lie. Every relationship of course is different but I’ve known a lot of people that have shared similar struggles. Some of these things people may have gone through but blew it off and said things would get better down the road. Out of all my relationships, there were four things that I had to face at some point.

Why you are feeling unsatisfied in your relationship

Is it meant to be

You may feel unsatisfied because you’re not sure if your relationship is meant to be. I’ve been in relationships that I knew from beginning the relationship wasn’t going to work but I continued anyways. After every red flag, I begin to resent my partner because he wasn’t the person I wanted him to be. I was upset that I wasn’t real with myself or my partner. So you have to be transparent with yourself and know that you will make the right decision even if it’s a decision you don’t want to make.

Communication is Key

I’m sure we have all heard “communication is key” for any relationship to work. I will say that until I am blue in the face. You have to be willing and able to know how to communicate with your partner but the key is for you to understand their communication style. You may find yourself having some of the same conversations because you don’t know how to say what you need to in a way your partner understands what you are asking of them.

You stopped dating

It was so fun and spontaneous at the beginning right? Then you two got comfortable with things. You stopped putting in time to do things together. Life is crazy, things happen so it may be hard to find that time for you two to feel that excitement that you felt in the beginning. In order for a plant to grow, it has to be watered. You have to pour into your relationship in order for it to thrive. So don’t put down that water.

Show you care

You’d think showing you care for someone may be simple. There are times we assume our partner doesn’t care because they seldom say it anymore. Some people think if they tell you once that should be enough. No, it’s not. There has to be action behind those words. People want to hear they are loved but more than anything they want to feel that love. Take time to do acts that show one another that you care. Do something thoughtful that you know your partner may personally enjoy. If you feel like they aren’t showing up where they need to, say something. People can’t fix something they don’t know is a problem.

Have you tried to revive your relationship with any of these tips? Give them a try!