I’m sure we all have had grand ideas and goals that we want to accomplish but we find ourselves not living them out. Each year, we do our vision boards, write down the goals for the year and places we want to go. But do we really know what it looks like to accomplish them? Do we spend too much time thinking of the what ifs instead of just doing it? I have been in this space of uncertainty many times before and the best way for me to come out of it was to leap. I leaped before I knew I was ready, but I knew what I was previously doing wasn’t working. You may never be completely ready to start that blog, fitness plan or new position, but you have to be willing to take a chance on faith. You have to believe that you are exactly where you need to be and just leap even if you aren’t ready to.

Investing all of your time and effort into what you are passionate about is a pretty scary thing. The thought of failure is even scarier. Just imagine putting your all into everything and it doesn’t turn out exactly how you imagined it. This can be very discouraging to actually take that first step. People may fear what their friends or family may say. If they will say “I told you so”. We can’t let the words of those who aren’t putting in the work define or limit what we are truly capable of.

If not now, then when? Ask yourself this, if you don’t start it now when will you really do it? You will always have things to do, unexpected situations can always happen. So you can’t continue to put things off until the “right moment” because there will never be the right moment, maybe a better time but why wait if you can take that leap and just see what happens. Here are some ways I’ve combatted the feeling of not being completely ready.

Why You Should Leap Before You’re Ready

Stop questioning if you’re good enough

Sis, you are good enough! All you need to do is believe that you are, you will begin to flourish and see your goals come to fruition.

Set specific goals

You have to make sure your goals are specific with what it is you want, when you want to complete them by and I would also include your why. Why is this goal important to you to complete?

Don’t compare

Stop comparing yourself to others. You were given a super power, which is no one in the world can be you besides you. Embrace and lean in to who you are! You have a multitude of things to offer to the world. Don’t make yourself small for anyone.

Stop complaining

Yes, it will take time, money, long days and some sleepless nights. But if you don’t put in the effort you won’t reap the reward. When you put yourself out there the universe will make a way.

Everyone’s situation will look different and it will be personal to that person. Please share some ways you’ve been able to take that leap of faith to getting one step closer to being the BOSS woman you are!