You May Be An Ambivert Too

For a large part of my life, I was convinced that I was an extrovert. I think that I am friendly (for the most part), have an approachable countenance, and I am great at initiating conversation. I love parties and social gatherings. I have been that way for pretty much all of my life but as I am getting older, I am starting to notice a few things about myself change.

Right after college, I realized that I valued alone time. I would become energized in the presence of company, but at times it would drain me. I believe I stumbled across the term ambivert via an article being shared on Facebook, but I immediately identified with it. Let me define what an ambivert is for all of my sisterfriends who may be unfamiliar with the word.

An ambivert is a person with a personality that has both extrovert and introvert features. This does not mean that I am bipolar people. However, it is all about balance. Now I am sure you are wondering, “How did I even know I was an ambivert?”

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You May Be An Ambivert Too

Too Much Socializing or Alone Time is Draining

I enjoy being outgoing on my own terms. I really enjoy social settings, but not for too long. If I spend too much time alone, I am drained. If I spend too much time around people, I am drained as well. My work personality is much calmer and reserved than the one my friends see. I tend to adjust my personality based on the energy I am receiving by the company that I am in. I can be really abrasive at times or asserting myself can take way too much energy.

Relationships Aren’t Traditional 

Certain relationships would not work out because I would become exhausted from being around my boyfriend daily. Those type of relationships where we sit around each other all day are not for me. Some people think I never talk and some people can never get me to shut up. When it comes to trusting people, I can be very skeptical, but with others I can immediately dive right in. And as I get older, I cherish my solitude more. I know that when I start my own family, my alone time will begin to dwindle down.

Ambiversion Makes You More Self-Aware

Being an ambivert is all about stability. It relies on self-awareness, on knowing when to lean on either side of the extroversion/introversion spectrum. It requires me to know when I need to be alone even if I have to schedule it. I am sure most people fall under the ambivert personality. Once a person realizes where they fall on the extroversion/introversion spectrum, it can increase his/her self-awareness and gives great insight to what their preferences are.