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how to end self-sabotaging
in Advice, Be You

How to End Self-Sabotaging

I’m sure we have all heard of the saying “you are your biggest critics”. I’ve seen this so many times. I have even criticized myself but of course I didn’t realize it at the time. However, there is a difference between constructive criticism and right out self-sabotaging. We often allow ourselves to get in the way of living a self-loving life. Self-sabotaging is any behavior, emotion or thought you have that prevents you from doing something. These behaviors can be very detrimental if they aren’t recognized. There are already many…

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Feeling Behind in Life
in Advice, Be You

Six Ways to Combat Feeling Behind in Life

Navigating through my mid-late twenties has presented itself with some very interesting challenges. However, one of the most satisfying things about this phase in my life is watching my friends and peers create their unique life paths. I have some friends who have been to graduate school and back. A few of my sorority sisters are married and have families. Several of my peers have relocated to various parts of the country and built or bought homes. Being a witness to all of these major life events has been blissful….

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Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List: 15 Must-Dos for the Fall

Every year, I think of all these things I want to do during Fall. I love Fall not only because my birthday is in September, but because Fall is a feeling. It makes people feel warm, happy and cozy inside. When the season changes, people typically feel one or two ways. Excited and ready to be boo’d up and for others seasonal depression is real thing. So I’m hoping this Fall Favorite Must Dos list will provide ways for those who may struggle with changes in the season to get…

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Cardio or Weights
in Fitness, HEALTH

What’s better, Cardio or Weights?

The biggest obsession lately is getting fit and the way to do it. Some rely heavily on cardio, while others put their money on weightlifting, but which one is right? As a long-time fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I can tell you I’ve done almost every type of workout fad imaginable and have come up with the perfect solution: do what you like! The journey is all about you, the inside and outside, and only you can judge what you’re body is attracted to. Balance is key in ensuring that…

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Why Entitlement is Ruining Your Dating Life
in LIFE, Love

Why Entitlement is Ruining Your Dating Life

We’ve all been there–sad and single. Now single life does not automatically equal sadness. You can have a very fun and happy dating life. However, what turns our excitement into sadness is the uncertainty and confusion of our singleness. You may not understand why you haven’t found someone who is worth your time or why the last catch didn’t work out. While I’m definitely pro-woman and believe we are all a good catch in our own right–there’s a few things we have to honest about. Entitlement is one of those…

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It’s okay, not to be okay

There are some people who always present themselves like they have it all together. You know like those people who seem like they have some type of super power because they do everything and will still smile at the end of the day. It may be natural for you to not notice how much you are taking on, and everything may feel like it is coming toward you at once. I am constantly on the go and I tend to not acknowledge my own emotional and mental health. I would…

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how to live life as a perfectionist header
in Advice, LIFE

How to Live Your Life as a Perfectionist

How do you become a perfectionist? Are people just born being a perfectionist or is it taught? These are things I’ve continuously asked myself many times before because I struggle with letting things go as they are. Things have to be a certain way all the time for me and it shouldn’t always have to be that way. People who are over-thinkers, critical of themselves and others, and scared of change are typically perfectionists. There are a few factors that contribute to someone becoming a perfectionist. Their childhood can be…

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Fearlessly SHE Summit
in Events

Fearlessly SHE Summit is Back

The Fearlessly SHE Summit by The Strength of SHE is back and even better. This is an event that you don’t want to miss. If you attended last year, you will remember the sisterhood and connecting with many black women from around the midwest. You’ll also remember learning key tools to enhance your life and shopping various businesses that are owned by women and women of color. This year will be so much more! We’ve lined up a speaker roster that everyone can steal a few gems from and immediately…

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